Who is David?

As a natural born clairvoyant medium, I have used my 7th Sense abilities to help people for over 20 years to be their eyes & ears to the Universe, find their true purpose and fulfillment in their careers, relationships and life!

In the many decades that I've connected with the Universe, I've found that there truly are no limits but the ones we place on ourselves. So if you are a bold seeker and adventurer like me, let’s explore this amazing world of ours!

Chances are you’ve never experienced a psychic reading or mediumship session like you will with me. Not only can I tune in to your history, what’s happening now, and look into your most perfect possible future, I can also look into anyone in your life to see what they’re thinking and feeling. We can also reconnect with your loved ones who passed and have the conversations you would never have had.

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Customer Feedback

“There’s no way I can understand what it is that you do…it is truly a gift and I appreciate the guidance you’ve given me and my wife. Now we can make peace with the past & know that our future is truly brighter! I wish everyone could experience a session with you, David, you have an angelic presence and I can comfortably say you are a dear friend. I wish you all the best.”
Peter Cambell - Santa Monica, CA  - http://www.7thsenseliving.com/resources/testimonials/
“What rich food for my soul your classes have been!  But truly David, you have launched me into a wonderful growth phase that I was so in need of.  Thank you a thousand times!!  Looking forward to seeing you again.”
Kim Adams - Seattle, WA  - http://www.7thsenseliving.com/resources/testimonials/
“David thanks so much for the reading I really feel the radiance of your goodness during these readings. You have a beautiful heart and you are very gifted. I just hope that you have one hell of a joyful ride through life. I’ll see you in the next few months. Take care, Rob.”
Rob Ungaro - Seattle, WA  - http://www.7thsenseliving.com/resources/testimonials/